KBC Lottery Winner All seasons

KBC Winner lottery All Seasons

KBC is such a tremendous and most interesting family quiz and game show for that people keep waiting for each yea; asking about when its next season would come? People become successful to make millions after participating in KBC. Just a good mix of knowledge and skills can help you get chance of becoming a millionaire and it has really happened in KBC. If we reveal the history and start of KBC, we will come to know that just common people of Indian society become millionaire and KBC Lottery Winner. KBC show is started in year 2000 and several people get chance to approach Hot Seat but fewer are the lucky ones to win prize of millions of money. KBC can be said the only show where lots of social, economical and emotional realities involved to be revealed.

<a href='http://luckywinnerlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/KBC-Lottery-Winner-All-Seasons-1-300x188.png'>KBC Lottery Winner</a>In following lines, we are going to discuss some people who did outstanding with KBC games and quiz and become participant of KBC Winners Lottery All Seasons. In fact KBC has accomplished total nine seasons so let’s see the KBC Winner Lottery of each season.

KBC Winner Lottery All Seasons:

Season 1:

Season 1 of KBC is broadcast in Year 2000-01 hence become famous for making a common man a millionaire just within minutes? Harshvardhan Nawathe was the first KBC lottery winner who won 1 crore rupees in KBC season 1. That man was the student of Indian civil services and we can just imagine how his life would be changed at all.

Season 2:

There was a four years gap in second season of KBC as season 2 was presented in year 2005. Brijesh Dwivedi was the lucky man who won the prize of 1 crore rupees over Hot Seat in KBC season 2. The episode becomes more special when people see a famous bollywood couple joining with Amitabh Bachan in final episode of KBC season 2.

Season 3:

The third season of KBC is presented just after 2 years in year 2007. This season of KBC was hosted by very famous Shahrukh Khan as AMitabh Bachan was ill. In KBC season 3, there was no one to become the KBC Winner Lottery .

Season 4:

A young lady; Rahat Taslim was the winner of KBC season 4 in which Amitabh Bachan came back to possess his host seat again. Season 4 was presented in year 2010. In this season, KBC show is moved to Sony TV from Star Plus. Some changes were also made in KBC season 4 regarding pattern of its quiz and games.

KBC Lottery Winner Seasons Continue:

Season 5:

Season 5 became more popular for two participants are yielded as KBC Winner Lottery . Sushil Kumar won 5 crore rupees and the other one was Anil Kumar Sinha who whon 1 crore rupees in season 5 of KBC. This season was presented in year 2011

Season 6:

Manoj Kumar Raina and Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney were 2 winners in KBC season 6. Season 6 was hosted in year 2012-13.

Season 7:

Firoz Fatima and Taj Muhammad Rangrez were again two contestant who became KBC Lottery Winner and tagline for this season was very impressive. It was “Seekhna band to Jeetna band”.

Season 8:

Achin and Sarthak Narula were two brothers who made a history of KBC winning tremendous amount of 7 crore rupees in season 8. This was really an awesome show of KBC that was presented in year 2014.

Season 9:

Anamika Majumdar was another amazing lady who became the winner of KBC season 9 that was hosted in year 2017.

This was the list of KBC Winner Lottery All Seasons. Hope, you would like the information!